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Haryana Government does not know what to do with Rs. 800 collected as speeding challan

09, Apr 2010 By GenuineFaker

Chandigarh. The powers-that-be in Haryana Government are flustered over an unexpected amount of money that recently came into the government coffers when a traffic policeman stationed on NH-8 near Manesar collected Rs. 800 as challan from a speeding Toyota Innova, instead of following the norm of pocketing the cash himself. An inquiry could be ordered into this incident that has left the state machinery shocked.

“I was forced,” said Constable Avatar Singh defensively. “The guy insisted on paying up the whole amount and collecting a proper receipt. I even came down to 200 from my usual going rate of 400 for speeders, but he didn’t budge from his manic behavior. There was a crowd gathering to see what was going on, so I had to act quick to save my face. I couldn’t imagine what people would say if they got to know I couldn’t extract bribe from a civilian.”

Traffic Challan
“District Collector” used to be a plum post in yesteryears; slowly everyone in the administrative system became collectors

“This is a serious challenge to Haryana Police,” said a visibly concerned Hanuman Bishnoi, ACP Traffic Police for Gurgaon District. “The whole traffic monitoring programme is setup to supplement the income of traffic policemen. How will the hard-working police force support its evening booze binges if everyone starts behaving properly all of a sudden? Will I have to tell my 12-year old boy he can’t have his iPod Touch because some ch***ya put his ethics in front of immediate cash benefit?”

Haryana Government called for an urgent press conference to address concerns over the matter.

“There is no need for the public to panic,” assured Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda. “This is an isolated incident and appropriate measures will be taken against people responsible for this irresponsible behavior. The public can continue to bribe their way out of traffic violations as before.”

“We still haven’t decided what to do with the money,” said Finance Minister Captain Ajay Singh Yadav. “As usual, a high-profile multi-disciplinary committee will be setup to deliberate on the matter in the newly opened 7-star hotel in Morni Hills, and give its recommendations at the earliest, give or take a few years.”

“Of course Madam Sonia Gandhi will have the final say in the matter,” added Hooda.