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Haryana Jats offer to beat up Patiala House lawyers if media supports their agitation

19, Feb 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

The calm before the storm

Rohtak: Frustrated by the lack of media coverage of their protests, Haryana jat leaders have offered to beat up Patiala House lawyers in exchange of greater media coverage.

Pro-reservation jat protests have been going on since the 15th of this month but haven’t found a place in national news due to JNU and Patiala House issues.

“This is so frustrating. Every time we tune in to a news channel to see what our national media is saying about our protests, we are disappointed. All the talk is about some Patiala House lawyers who roughed up few journalists. We thought best way to get media on our side is to beat up those lawyers and settle this issue for good. As it is police isn’t doing anything against those lawyers but justice has to be served na”, said a Jat leader Sombir Singh.

Another Jat leader Mr Tejbir Singh further explained the reasons for media support and said, “Media support is vital for every agitation and protest. If people living in Delhi don’t get to see what we are demanding and how strongly we are demanding it then they will never act. It is useless to try and speak to our CM because we don’t know Japanese and these days Khattar saab isn’t talking to anyone who doesn’t speak Japanese.”

The situation is tense in Rohtak with many clashes being witnessed over the past few days. Section 144 has been applied in Rohtak and mobile internet has also been blocked in Rohtak and Jhajjar districts.

“You saw the national outrage when mobile internet was blocked in Gujarat during Patel agitation but is anyone bothered for our mobile internet? Humein WhatsApp messages nahin forward karne hote?  All due to media coverage bhai. Now we will take media’s revenge from those Patiala House lawyers and they can start covering our protests in greater detail. It is a fair deal”, Tejbir Singh told us.

When we asked them what is their backup plan if media doesn’t agree, both Sombir and Tejbir said in unison, “Then we will slap some journalists only. That will ensure non-stop coverage.”