Hashtag #LalooRocks trends on twitter, a clear sign that Bihar is on road to progress: SM Expert

03, Oct 2015 By Pagla Ghoda

Patna. Celebrated Social Media expert Jagdeep Jagsora has published a landmark white-paper in an international journal with strong evidence that the recent #LalooRocks hashtag trend on twitter is a clear indication that Bihar is on road to progress. Jagsora has apparently analyzed all the tweets made under this hashtag and concluded that 52% of the tweets talked about prosperity, youthfulness and positivity where as 48% of the hashtags talked about fakeness, Goondaraj, power-cuts and crime.

Clear sign of Bihar's progress.
Clear sign of Bihar’s progress.

Jagsora in an online interview to an online magazine said, “Trending of this hashtag proved that Bihar is indeed a developed state now. Although a lot of tweets talked about mafia, fake, Goondaraj, power-cuts, but such tweets were in minority around 48-49%. Majority of tweets, or we can say a huge-huge chunk of tweets, i.e. about 51% of the tweets talked about vibrancy, schools, hospitals and positivity, not sure they were sarcastic ones or genuine ones, but they did. This is a clear sign that Bihar mein dum hai.

On being asked if he has validated his claims properly before publishing results Jagsora sarcastically smirked and said, “Sir, we are the social media researchers, we live by SM, we die by SM. You mean to say all the positive tweets were fabricated? They were all written by a privately hired army of paid social media users? Ok let’s hypothetically assume that is true. What would that mean then? It means (a) that Laloo ji indeed has a lot of money to spend on SM campaigns, which showcases nothing but state’s prosperity. (b) People in Bihar are actually following these SM campaigns on their smart phones, which again showcases that people in the state are tech savvy, well educated people with huge disposable incomes which allow them to buy these expensive smartphones. You can’t just use twitter and FB on Nokia 3230, right?”

While it is not yet clear if Jagsora’s claims are entirely true it is being rumored that on similar lines ISIS is also planning to establish a strong social media arm which is planning to trend hashtags such as #ISISTheMerciful, #BenevolentCaliphate and #ISISThePartyContinues in coming weeks.