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Heart cries in agony as it receives another poem dedicated to itself

23, Nov 2009 By Pagal Patrakar

Dildarnagar. Human heart, an organ that is often used as a metaphor for emotions and feelings, cried in agony as it received yet another poem dedicated to itself this morning. According to an estimate, heart is receiving millions of poems each day in different languages and has been unable to deal with the deluge. What makes the situation worse for the heart is the fact that many of these poems lack literary merit altogether.

A lot of people have been showing interest in writing poems
A lot of people have been showing interest in writing poems

“My heart… cried yesterday my heart… cried today my heart… cries daily but why… I’ve no idea frankly”

This was the first stanza of the latest poem written by a certain Rohit Ranjan (name changed to protect intellectual identity) this morning. The poet finished his masterpiece in ten minutes, sources tell Faking News.

Rohit posted it on his blog and mailed the link to all of his friends besides putting the link as his Facebook and Google-Talk status. Rohit made his friends put comments like ‘beautiful’, ‘touching’, and ‘keep up the good work’ on the post (poem), before the poem reached heart. After reading the poem and the comments, heart reportedly cried in agony.

“We are trying to find out why the heart felt the excruciating pain. Primary diagnosis suggests that heart is finding it difficult to deal with the exponential rise in the production of poems. Earlier people used to write poems after their hearts ached, but now heart aches after people write poems,” Dr. Dilruba Dahiya, a famous cardiologist said.

Rohit, whose poem is being blamed for the latest trouble heart is going through, has categorically denied using any spurious words or phrases while writing the poem. He conceded taking help of online thesaurus and ‘rhyming dictionary’ while writing the poem, but believed that it was a genuine and natural way of writing a poem. Although Rohit has not been arrested, experts caution against such ‘gross waywardness’ while writing poems on heart.

“There is invariably a trade-off between quality and quantity, and it seems that a lot of poems these days are being written just to maintain some minimum statistics instead of some minimum standards. You know, almost the same way sites like Faking News keep on writing some stuff daily. But that’s a fake work of prose, a work of poetry shouldn’t be fake,” Kaveesh Kumar, an expert on poems said.

Parties like record keeping organizations that admit records like “longest poem” or “most poems written ever” and organizations that hand out awards like “poem of the hour” or “poet of the day” also drew flak from the experts, who demanded a blanket ban on such activities. Experts have warned that heart could stop responding to poems altogether if the situation didn’t improve any soon.

But a six-time world record holder Love-Poet from Ahmedabad has criticized these experts for taking a prudish, pedantic and puritan view on poetry and has sent us this poem on heart.