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Hidden camera found in hotel room, managers say it was only for “scrutiny”

03, Jul 2013 By Pagal Patrakar

Farrukhabad. A newly married couple staying at Khurshid Guest House here received the shock of their life when they discovered a hidden camera in the AC deluxe room they had checked in.

“We had been hearing news about hotel owners putting such cameras in rooms to make sex CDs, but we thought they were usual exaggerated claims shown on Indian news channels,” Arun, the 28-year-old distraught husband told Faking News.

“We are totally shocked and shaken to discover the fact that there was some truth to what we saw on TV,” Arun said, “We are also shocked and shaken over the behavior of the hotel owners and managers. We have lodged a police complaint.”

CCTV Camera
The camera was rather visible prominently, though experts termed it as hidden camera.

After 5000 rupees bribe and some lewd honeymoon jokes cracked in front of the couple, local police is reported to have registered the complaint of the aggrieved couple.

However, the hotel owners and management claim that they had done nothing wrong.

“Yes, there was a video camera in the room, but it was just for scrutiny, not for any spying or snooping,” hotel manager Salman Khurshid claimed, “We were just analyzing their daily routine and doing a computer study of patterns of their activities so that we can serve them better.”

Khurshid further claimed that he had not seen or recorded any private moment of the couple and whatever he did was within the law.

“Yeah, the hidden cameras mean that we can watch them doing almost anything. In fact, we have cameras even in the bathrooms! But trust us, it’s only for study and scrutiny. We close our eyes if any private moment captured by the camera is played on our screens,” the manager made a startling claim.

“Only yesterday, we saw the couple taking bath together, and we realized that we need to give them fresh towels. It’s only for scrutiny and analysis,” hotel’s deputy manager Kapil Sibal explained how the hidden camera was beneficial to the customers.