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High Court refuses to postpone Tripathi’s appointment with dentist

21, Sep 2010 By Simon

Allahabad. It has been a bad week for Ramesh Chandra Tripathi. After the High Court rejected his petition to have the verdict on the Ram Janmbhoomi-Babri Masjid dispute postponed, Tripathi’s dentist has followed suit by dismissing the Tripathi’s appeal to defer his appointment tomorrow. Tripathi had some acute problems with his teeth and had booked an appointment few weeks back, but developed cold feet when the D-day approached.

“He has been chewing paan for nearly twenty years,” Kapil Dass, Tripathi’s dentist, told Faking News, “but now this has caught up with him and he needs serious dental work.” The treatment, explained Dass, will be painful and uncomfortable, but ultimately good for the patient.

Dental surgeries are sometimes painful but necessary

However, Tripathi disagrees. “I can deal with this out of surgery,” he said, “there’s no need to get the medical people involved, I can handle all this on my own.” He claimed he would come to a “private agreement” with Mr. Dass under which “both parties would be satisfied”.

But Dass rejected his approaches. “These veiled threats impress no-one,” he said, “he offered me money to cancel the appointment then, when I said no, he told me I’d better postpone it, otherwise the dental procedure would be so painful, he might kick and shout and be a menace in my surgery, where I have some expensive equipment and some good customers.”

“Silly overreactions” are no grounds to change appointments, explained Dass even as Tripathi, a supposedly right-wing Hindu thinker and activist.

“No one should postpone dental work as necessary as this,” said Ravi Kumar, professor of dentistry at Delhi University, “because the problem will get worse and worse and will end up a calamity. Plaque is immune to political pressure from the Hindutva movement.”

Faking News called RSS HQ over their views on Tripathi’s assertions, but we were told that the organization had no official policy on dental work.