Hindu batsman should not face Shami’s ‘delivery’ in the nets: Amit Shukla

16, Aug 2019 By Guest Patrakar

Bhopal. On Tuesday night, the man from Madhya Pradesh had tweeted about canceling his order placed on Zomato as the designated rider was a “non-Hindu”. “Just canceled an order on Zomato,” Amit Shukla tweeted. He is not stopping at first mistake.

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He is now demanding that a Hindu batsman should not face Shami’s delivery in the nets. This will surely make the BCCI take action against him.

We had reported yesterday how Amit Shukla slept on the floor the moment he came to know that his bed was made by a Muslim. Amit Shukla wants to remove all things from his life which were touched by Muslims. But yesterday one of his friends reminded him that he was handled by a Muslim nurse when he was born and for that very reason, he should destroy himself.

But Amit being the hypocrite that he has proved he is, did not take this step. He in fact countered that the doctor who handles his birth was Hindu. Nurses are out of his ‘no-touch’ list. Yes, he does have a list, and that list had Shami in it which the Faking News team found out. It will be interesting to see how low Amit will go with his behavior in the coming days. Will it go to the level of Dhoni’s strike-rate of late?