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In a historic first, Sharma Ji tells his son to learn from Malik ji ki beti

18, Aug 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Rohtak: For the first time in recorded history, a Sharma Ji was seen telling his son to take inspiration from someone else. Generally, every Indian parent tells this or her child to be like Sharma ji ka beta but after Sakshi Malik’s Bronze at the Olympics, our Sharma ji was seen telling his son to be like Malik Ji ki beti.

Sharma ji's on
Reaction of Sharma Ji’s son 

Comparing their child to the child of the nearest Sharma is the hobby of all Indian parents. This national hobby puts an immense pressure on every Sharma kid to excel and creates an inferiority complex in the life of every non-Sharma kid. However, these issues haven’t stopped these comparisons till now.

However, tables were turned today after the success of Sakshi Malik at the Rio Olympics. Ramprakash Sharma, a resident of Bahu Akbarpur, Rohtak woke his son up at 3 AM immediately after Sakshi’s win and told him to learn from Sakshi and be like her. Ramprakash berated his son for sleeping when others like Sakshi are out bringing glory to the country at the same hour.

“There is no harm in taking inspiration from others ji. When Malik Ji ki beti from a village nearby can do so well on the world stage and make her parents proud then why not my son? He should look at her and see how she beat her opponents. Ye bewakoof to school me hi maar kha aata hai, Olympics me kya wrestling karega”, Sharma Ji said while speaking to Faking News.

“She was not only awake at 3 AM; she was fighting at that time for this medal. Hamara ladka 10 baje khat pakad leta hai. He should learn from her instead of wasting his life sleeping. I am going to get him formally trained in wrestling now so that he can also make us proud”, Sharma ji added.

When we asked him whether his son has any interest in wrestling, Mr. Sharma said,”What does his interest have to do with it?”