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Holiday planning app that promises to help plan 'long weekends of 2017' beats BHIM app on Google playstore

03, Jan 2017 By @jurnoleast

A holiday planning app that helps users plan their long weekends in 2017 has managed to beat BHIM app in number of downloads on Google Play Store, raising questions over Govt’s claim.


The app called Tripkart, which has 3.5 million downloads against its name, has surpassed BHIM app and is currently ranked 1 in most popular category on Playstore.

Holiday planning seems to be top priority for many over equipping themselves for a digital economy.

“With the list on long weekends of 2017 doing rounds on social media, many are already making plans to get great deals on travel and beat the holiday rush. No wonder this app is so popular,” said a tech expert.

Arvind S, a techie from Bengaluru, who used Tripkart to plan his vacation spoke to our reporter. “I think most employees spend the first week of the New Year is spent in planning long weekends and taking a stock of PL’s and CL’s for the year. This app is very handy if you wish to do some advance planning for your trip,” he said, as he checked out all permutations and combinations of leaves for the entire year.

Tripkart’s popularity had given opposition parties a chance to criticize the Modi Govt yet again with Congress quoting the ‘download’ numbers from Play Store to point out how Govt is misleading the nation. “Logon ko gumrah karne ki koshish hai ye. Ye BHIM nahi Chhota Bhim hai,” said Rahul Gandhi from UK, while addressing media over Skype.

There was no official response from Govt, but sources however dismissed the popularity of Tripkart as ‘temporary’.

“This travel app could be a move by opposition parties to jeopardize PM’s plans to promote digital transactions and thus reduce corruption,” said a party official who didn’t wish to be named.

The finger pointing between both parties continued after BJP said that the app would be benefit Rahul Gandhi to plan his getaways while Congress party remarked that PM Modi would benefit more from the app given his travel record.