Homeopathy doctor manhandled after his medicine cures patient in a week

19, Aug 2019 By @jurnoleast

Adding to the increasing incidents of attack on doctors, a homeopathy was today manhandled by relatives of a patient. The relatives were angry that the homeopath managed to cure the patient in a week, raising doubts over the doctor’s credentials.


A case was registered at Chembur Police Station in Mumbai against those who created ruckus at the homeopathy center. Sources say that the patient, who went to the doctor for a skin issue,  was mentally prepared for the treatment to last upto a few decades at least. And were totally taken aback when the treatment did not last for more than a week.

Speaking to Faking News, one of the relative said, “There is an entire ecosystem of quack doctors in the city. Last time we went to an allopathy doctor and it didn’t take us any time to find out that he was a fraud after he gave a legible prescription. How can a homeopathy doctor cure someone in just a week. There is definitely something fishy.”

This news has rattled the community of homeopathy practitioners who earlier were under the impression that only allopathy doctors were attacked. “Seems like no one is exempt. To be honest, I doubt the patient. Maybe he is lying about being cured to avoid the doctors fee. This case needs further investigation,” opined a renowned city homeopath.

Several allopaths and homeopaths have now joined hands to form an umbrella group and are planning a rally to protest against such attacks on doctors. Sources say that dentists in the city were also eager to be part of the protest, but were left disappointed when the group made it clear that it would be a ‘doctors only protest’.