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What if horoscope matched, the boy doesn't look good with my baby in photos says girl's mom while rejecting the boy

16, Aug 2017 By dasu

Bengaluru: Though Avinash, a techie working in IT sector cleared the first round which was for horoscope matching with flying colors, he failed the all-important second round test. The test was to check how he and his perspective life partner Kavita will look together in photographs.

Kavita’s mother, Mrs. Indu shared the couple’s photos among her WhatsApp friends circle, sent them to closed relatives, tagged both Avinash and Kavita in few photographs she uploaded to social media sites. “The reaction was mixed with more dislikes than likes,” said Mrs. Indu on the reason he rejected Avinash’s marriage proposal with Kavita.

“Avinash is a nice boy, I like him. Being nice is not the only thing I look for in my perspective son-in-law. I have to be fair towards my daughter too. Because it is an arranged marriage, she should not feel we gave her hands to someone who is not capable of generating ‘adequate’ made for each other comment. Then the future generations of Avinash and Kavita will raise questions, why their parents are not able to stand up against other parents of their friends,” said Mrs. Indu explaining the rationale behind her decision.

Mrs. Indu added, “As far as possible I have tried to keep the process transparent. We used best of photographers available here, all the photos I took was on iPhone7. Shared all the comments I got directly on my phone with Avinash. Showed him Yash Chopra’s ‘Dil To Pagal Hai’, someone somewhere is made for you. Now he understands me much better. I am sure like I am looking the right life partner for Kavita, the one that is made for him. Similarly, I wish Avinash will find the right life partner who is made for him soon.”

Shaken by the experience, Avinash has downloaded an app on the recommendation of Mrs. Indu where he needs to feed his photo and girl’s photo. It will say how many likes both will get on their wedding day, for their honeymoon pictures and also for their 25th marriage anniversary celebration.