Horse Trading to be taught as a specialization subject as part of Political Science course: Ministry of Education 

28, Nov 2019 By @jurnoleast

In a effort to changing demands of changing market conditions and to provide diverse career opportunities to students interested in Political Science, Ministry of Education will now offer specialization in Horse Trading.

The course will commence from early next year and the current batch of students will have the option to be part of the session.

Ministry is of the opinion that Govt formation would takes less time if he have professional horse traders. “Political allegiances keep changing during Govt formation as we have seen in Maharashtra. A considerable amount of time is lost in buying and selling of MLA’s. Having professionals with knowledge of horse trading would cut down this delay and ease the process. This specialization aims to equip students with such skills,”

The course has already generated a lot of curiosity among students and a few prospective candidates that our reporter spoke to expressed interest in specializing in Horse Trading. “I think horse trading is not just keeping up with the times but it also pay me more than other jobs. Even if I get 10% commission on making a deal between political parties, it would be

A circular has been sent to various colleges to start recruiting faculties for this course. “Regular faculty members have already been recruited at our institution. Along with that we will have MLAs from across parties who will share their insights as visiting faculty,” revealed a professor from a reputed college in the capital.

Ministry believes that specialization has further scope as technology could be another factor which will drive job opportunities. “In future MLAs can use digital payment platform to accept cash. Deals can happen over Whatsapp instead of personal meetings. So you see there is so many career opportunities to be explored in this field,” remarked a senior official.