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Hospital authorities found running a Guest House in the government hospital building

25, Aug 2013 By Anil Sharma

Jaipur. A government hospital building is being used as a guest house for personal benefits by the hospital authorities in a small town of Rajasthan named Sangaria, Faking News has found out.

Single occupancy room of the hospital.
Single occupancy room of the hospital.

This reporter on Saturday discovered this shocker. Hospital authorities, including the doctors, are running the guest house successfully since last two years. Apparently, they are charging 500/- bucks per night and promising services like “Doctor on call, free medicines, free parking, newspapers, pick-up service (ambulance), and good food”.

Earlier, a doctor was caught running his own operation theater in a government hospital in Karnataka, but this is a unique case where a hospital is being used for hospitality business.

This reporter visited the hospital to discover the entire truth behind it. When he entered the hospital a chaiwala came running to him and asked if he needed a room there.

“Saheb, saste me dila dunga, waise bhi season ka time hai pura hospital pack hai,” the chaiwala persisted while making a sensational disclosure, “Sasta khana bhi milega saheb, aur ekdum shuddhh. BPL quota ke chawal aur mid-day meal quota ki sabziyan use karte hain hum yahan, ekdum kadak. (We use cereals and vegetables from BPL and Mid-Day Meal quota so the price is very low and quality good.)”

The guest house’s guests were sleeping in the hospital wards with their luggage all over the place. On the other hand, the patients were waiting in the passage for the doctor who was absent since a week. Apparently the doctors have gone to Delhi to get the hospital listed at,, etc.

There was a patient, who was from the nearby town and had his wrong ear operated upon, was also lying in the passage hoping to get a better medical assistance.

“They were all wearing masks and were well equipped with harmful weapons, but they operated the wrong ear. Now I know why they say they are practicing,” the patient told Faking News.

While the patients are complaining, the authorities justify their step. “Government hospitals are for social service and by turning it into a guest house, we’re just doing the same,” an officer from the hospital authority claimed.

When asked about the dying patients, he said, “There is nothing to worry about, the doctors are examining the patients in the government quarters allotted to them in the backside, they’re charging only 100/- bucks which is almost half of what the private clinics are charging nowadays.”

Faking News also managed to talk to the state’s Health Minister. “Look, when BJP was the ruling party here, total 232 such complaints were filed, after Congress’ takeover, we’ve received only 231 complaints. So, things are under control,” the minister said.