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Hospital discharges ICU patient on day 1, to lose the license from the medical council

18, Feb 2017 By RT

Mumbai. A hospital in the city has discharged an ICU patient on the same day of admission. This unbelievable incident happened a few days ago and the news has spread like an epidemic within the medical fraternity. The medical council had immediately sprung into action and cancelled the license to practice medicine, from the hospital.


“We cannot allow this to happen. An ICU patient is someone we call as an Angel customer in our industry. We stretch the maximum out of the patients who arrive into hospitals in stretchers. If someone is unconscious, we make sure he or she becomes conscious as early as possible to approve the advance payment. From that moment, our staff periodically pass on the running total of the pending bill amount, to keep the patients in complete shock and keep them unconscious,” a doctor from another hospital told Faking News.

“This hospital allowing an ICU patient getting discharged on the same day is a bad and unacceptable trend for our industry. As doctors, we all have quarterly targets. Though the general wards keep the inflow of cash in a steady pace, it is the ICU which generates maximum profit for us. The patient or the relatives of the patient will not be able to question our treatment and we administer all the tests including a lie-detector test,” he further added.

“ICUs are Intensive Cash Units. When my father got admitted here, unconscious from low sugar level, the hospital kept him for a record 15 days. First 5 in ICU and the remaining 10 in a ward, not far away from the ICU. When we finally managed to get out of the hospital, we had spent huge sum of money which is enough to start a sugar factory for ourselves,” an irritated relative of a patient complained about an hospital.

“I do not still believe that I was asked to go on the same day of admission. I even paid the advance amount using a cheque,” now popularly known as same-day-release patient told faking news. The chief doctor noticed the patient signing a sheet of paper after becoming conscious. First, we all thought it was his will. The moment we came to know it was bankruptcy papers, our hospital decided to discharge him immediately, told one of the junior doctors to Faking News.