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Hostel canteen provides hammer and chisel along with plates to break Roti

26, Apr 2018 By dasu

New Delhi: For the convenience of students staying in Aravali hostel inside IIT Delhi campus, mess supervisor has arranged a tool kit for each of them.

“I have instructed my staff to keep the tool kit next to the plates while arranging them in the dining table. The tool kit will contain a chisel and a hammer”, said Sathish Yadav, the mess supervisor.

Mr. Yadav said, “Naturally the mechanical guys due to their experience in workshops were ahead of others. Now others have caught up. All thanks to College authority who have taken few initiatives by arranging special roti breaking session workshops in the weekends”.

Mr. Yadav remembers how it was a struggle for all of them when they started cutting rotis.

“Often we gave more pressure than necessary. It broke the plate too. Even the angle of the chisel was not right, roti pieces were flying in different directions. Being IIT students they quickly calculated the force and angle needed to cut rotis. Now there is no such problem”, said Yadav.

When we were talking to Yadav, a student fractured his feet as one roti accidentally fell from his plate on his feet.

“That’s why we have written under instructions, why one must wear those workshop shoes while coming here inside mess. Even you need to wear the specs what students use while doing welding. Yesterday one student was trying to remove the flour sitting on top of his rotis by hitting two rotis. The white dust entered his eyes, we had to take him to nearby eye hospital”, said Yadav.