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Hostel messes can register themselves as weight loss clinics

07, Aug 2018 By dasu

New Delhi: Till now probably the students who stayed in hostels, consumed hostel food knew this secret. This is not going to be the case anymore. Ministry of health and family welfare has advised hostel messes to advertise themselves as weight loss clinics.

“Why only hostel students would get this benefit alone, why not so many Indians who struggle with their weight issues cannot use these facilities?” asked a senior bureaucrat of the health ministry.

There are many engineers who work for sunrise IT sector, they would start career by sitting in bench, then inside their cozy cubicles, consume at least a couple of liters of oil from their office cafeteria.

“Whatever they get they will eat, will be lethargic throughout the day, still they would like to look good due to social media peer pressure”, said Anjali Mathur, a leading dietician.

Ms. Mathur says techniques like efficient use of Photoshop can work for remote location friends.

“Those who meet each other regularly face to face they would like to showcase their lean and mean body, just holding your breath for long hours not feasible,” said Ms. Mathur.  

Instead of spending a bomb in protein powder, herbal powder, Ms. Mathur recommends her clients to take hostel food for two to three months, nothing else. “It would do wonders”, she said.

She added, “There is no risk of taking too much fatty non-veg food as my research shows a hostel student gets one-piece of chicken every fortnight in the gravy served to him. That much is OK for our body. Roti’s would be so hard, you have to use chisel and hammer all the time. Thoda kaam toh karna padta hai aapna pet puja ke liye. All those workouts help”.

How ministry will check to ensure hostel messes are not deviating from their own high standards, the bureaucrat said, “We do a simple test. Will threw a bowl of hostel dal on the floor, the yellow liquid has to travel at least fifty meters. If it fails, we will close the mess”.