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Hostel Self Help groups to enable sharing of Netflix passwords: Finance Minister in Budget 2019

05, Jul 2019 By @jurnoleast

Among the various reform initiatives propose by the Finance Minister, the one that has been introduced for the first time in this years Budget will benefit hostel students to a great extent.

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While presenting the Budget FM Nirmala Sitharaman said that her Govt was committed to reforms in the education sector and hostel self help group was one way to achieve it. “Data is becoming cheaper but quality web-content is still out of the reach of hostel students. Our new scheme One Hostel One Password is designed keeping in mind the problems faced by those who have subscribed to streaming sites such as Netflix. With a single password hostel student can watch streaming content by sharing it among self help groups.”

Apparently, a pilot project was carried out in IIT Mumbai hostel and the success it achieved prompted the Govt to expand its scope by including it in the current Budget.

An Govt source who is also an expert on the subject spoke to Faking News and said, “There are so many streaming platforms and each of them has their own subscription plan. It becomes difficult for any hostel student with limited financial resources to watch web series. The Govt understands the needs of a common hostel student. This scheme will not only enable students to watch content with just a single password, it will also reduce illegal downloads.”

Engineering students were happy with the Budget, however they hoped that Self Help Group would also cover other issues of hostel students too. “Well Netflix is just one aspect. Hostel students have to deal with heartbreaks, late night hunt for sutta, project work, friends who borrow things but don’t return it and so on. If the Govt is truly committed in easing our pain, it should seriously look into this ,” said a third year Mechanical Engineering student from Mumbai.