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Hostel student exposed for studying secretly in toilet to avoid embarrassment of studying without having any exam

10, Sep 2014 By idiot420

Delhi. Students of Baba Fakeerchand College of Engineering exposed Rocky Singh Rana, a second year computer science student, for studying secretly in hostel toilet. Rocky was doing so, just to avoid embarrassment of studying without having any exam.

“With college exams still a month away, this was the only way to read course books without risking my image of a cool dude,” Rocky explained, confessing that he was a closet studious student. “I never wanted to be defamed as a bookworm.”

No longer a safe place.

Rocky was known for his ability to score pretty good marks just by studying last night before exam. But after getting exposed by his own friends, he is mulling over the idea to publicly accept his true self.

“I think, time has come when I should stop living a dual life. Now, I am no more ashamed of who I am,” Rocky continued requesting his friends to accept his reality. “Yes, I like studying and I am what I am,” he roared in Roadies style.

Rocky further revealed the tricks he used earlier to study without letting his friends know.

“In first year, I downloaded soft copies of college books, and used to read them while pretending to be watching movie on my laptop. But, it wasn’t safe as friends always kept coming and going in my hostel room. It was then I decided to use this toilet trick,” Rocky told Faking News. “I used to hide books inside my t-shirt while going to the toilet.”

However last night, one of his friends, Hadbadi Gupta, accidently reached the same toilet in which Rocky was studying.

“I was under a lot of pressure, so I knocked the door asking the person inside to hurry up; but nobody replied. Finally, I lost my patience and broke the door in Daya style. And after what I saw inside, I forgot about my pressure and immediately informed my other friends,” Hadbadi narrated the whole incident. “Rocky ke paap ka ghada bhar chuka tha.”

Meanwhile, 10 Pointers Association of the college has sent Rocky a formal invitation letter to join their elite group.

“Rocky has the spark to become one of us. We will provide him required habitat to develop himself,” said head of the group.