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Hostel warden writes to Vatican asking for Saint status, claims miracle for making two engineering students take bath

03, Sep 2016 By manithan

Mumbai: A Hostel warden from the city has reportedly written a letter to the Pope and he has asked for being conferred with the Saint status.

Jacob Thomas, aged 45, had been teaching in Sanath Engineering College for the past 15 years. Apart from being the Head of Department, he is also working as Warden of the Men’s hostel, which is situated on the college campus. Usually, a silent person who gets rarely noticed even by students in his classroom, Jacob is in the news since yesterday because of a letter that he wrote.

Meanwhile, a senior engineering student (shown in picture) has raised concerns over new changes threatening their age-old tradition of not taking bath.
Meanwhile, a senior engineering student (shown in picture) has raised concerns over new changes threatening their age-old tradition of not taking bath.

“I could not believe that Jacob Chettan had really written a letter to Pope. The newspapers say that he has asked for Saint status. Has he gone mad?” wondered his younger brother, sitting at his three-storey apartment.

Though the newspapers and news channels have flashed the news, they weren’t revealing the contents of the letter. In order to know that, we traced Jacob to the college hostel and landed up outside his room. When we knocked the door, a peaceful Jacob yawned at our faces. We questioned him about the contents of the letter. He gave us a printed copy of the letter he had mailed to the Pope.

After allowing us to finish the paper, he started, “Ever since I became the warden, I had never witnessed our hostel boys going to the bathroom for taking a bath. After few weeks, I got convinced that Engineering students never take bath. Not only bath, they even flunk in Fluid Mechanics paper, which show how much hydrophobic they are. I was initially happy because we faced drought here. But, now with surplus water, thanks to rain, we had enough water for everyone to take bath thrice a day. But still, none of these idiots take bath.”

“You must notice the stench when they cross my room. Abba! I can even tolerate dump-yards but not anyone of these guys near me. At least, in the classrooms, they come drenched with deos and scent, but in hostel rooms, it is unbearable. So, three months back, I started knocking everyone’s door and started with ‘Do you have a minute? I need to discuss something with you’ and I spoke to them about ‘being immersed in water, crossing our body with soap, feeling resurrected and parting water from the body’. I told them that ‘I bathe regularly for their stink’. It was at that point, two of them came forward and agreed to take a bath,” Jacob beamed at his achievement.

“Everybody knows that engineering students residing at hostels do not take the bath. Some even say it is eighth wonder. But, I made two of them take the bath. Is this not a miracle? Since I did a miracle, why can’t I be conferred as a Saint? So, I wrote all these incidents to Pope and even asked for an appointment with him, to discuss my sainthood,” smiled Jacob.