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Hostel students in Engg college found sleeping early, Professors take moral responsibility and resign

01, Oct 2016 By Guest Patrakar

Shockwaves spread through the entire engineering community in the country after one entire hostel wing in Indian Institute of Engineering Bhosari decided to sleep as early as 11 P.M.

Visual evidence of student sleeping early
Visual evidence of student sleeping early

According to his hostel mates, they were tired after a whole long day of copying assignments and decided to sleep early instead of gaming, partying, roaming around the campus or doing any other such productive stuff.

Mr Ryan Oberoi, a famous Counter Strike player in his college also added that they were quite aghast at their decision to sleep so soon and wasting the whole night.

They tried to wake them up but failed and eventually decided to take the affair to the Students Affair Council. SAC, taking no risk immediately took it to the administrative body.

According to the latest reports, all the departmental professors have already sent in their resignation citing their inability to provide enough challenging assignments and workloads to keep the students awake throughout the night.

Shares of famous liquor companies like Heineken or Budweiser have dropped drastically as this incident has shown their decreasing attractiveness to their most loyal customers.

Gaming companies like EA or Activision has come forward and blamed each other about the price of FIFA and quality of Call Of Duty respectively.

The Home Minister also today ordered each IIE’s to look around their internal security and come forward with a report whether the students are not finding it safe to roam around the campus in the middle of the night.

We decided to contact some famous engineers about this scandal and Mr Kejriwal, the most famous of them all retorted in his usual fashion by blaming Modi govt for this – ” The government has banned torrents. Then what is the incentive of anyone staying awake at night? Where will they get their movies, their games? ye hi to scam hai.”

Mr Chetan Bhagat, when contacted blamed the gender ratio in engineering colleges by saying there are not enough girls in hostels for the boys to reach through the windows at the middle of the night by climbing up ladders.

Raghuram Rajan on the other hand blamed the economic condition in the country so that the engineers don’t have enough money to subscribe to Netflix.As far as we know, Reliance Jio has stepped in to take care of this national disaster and come up with a data plan of unlimited internet in the night at 6gbps speed.

Meanwhile, when contacted in the morning, Mr Swapan Sadhan, one of the student alleged of sleeping in the night asked us to GTFO before going back to sleep again hugging his pillow

Author: Probaha Roy