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Housewives ask Maharashtra Govt to extend deadline on plastic ban, say it will take time to clear up bags kept under sleeping mattress

02, Apr 2018 By @jurnoleast

The Maharashtra Govt’s earlier deadline for disposing plastic bags may now be extended if it agrees to the request of housewives in the state who need more time to get rid of bags in the house. A delegation led by prominent housewives in the city met CM Devendra Fadnavis seeking that the ban deadline be pushed by a few months.

The group presented a survey finding which stated that almost 90% plastic bags in any household are found under the mattress. “In some cases it may go up to a few tonnes. How to do you expect us to clear up all that in a few weeks,” said a housewife who was part of the delegation.

The findings of the survey has also prompted the Maharashtra Govt to step up their anti-plastic movement and cover not just shops and establishments but also household mattress. Sources say that special teams would be constituted and they will conduct surprise raids at random homes to check if there are bags beneath the mattresses.

There were also reports that the aforementioned delegation was a ploy by Shiv Sena to try and shift the deadline and make the entire exercise less effective. There was no official word on these reports by Shiv Sena spokesperson.

Sources close to Fadnavis say that the CM himself was in favor of postponing the deadline as he wanted to make a music video on the issue before implementing the ban. “They( CM and his wife) earlier made a video to highlight the city’s water bodies. It had quite an impact and thanks to the video the water bodies are in a better situation. Maybe this time too their music might work in making the plastic ban successful,” said the source.