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HR announces 400% salary hike for themselves after working too hard on decorating Christmas tree

24, Dec 2015 By @jurnoleast

Bangalore: The Human Resources Dept. of Infossil, a leading IT company today announced 400% salary hike for themselves saying that they have been working hard on decorations for Christmas and they deserved a hike for all the efforts they have put.

A hard days work for the HR dept.
A hard days work for the HR dept.

Speaking to Faking News Raju Almeida the HR head of the organization said, “The months from November to December are very hectic for the HR department. This is the festival season and most of our staff is busy with decorations. In fact we have put on hold many of our core HR activities such as distribution of Sodexho coupons so that we can focus entirely on decorating the office.”

When asked about the common perception that HR dept. is the most ‘underutilized and underworked’ resource in any organization and don’t deserve higher pay; Mr. Almeida chose to contradict.

“Most people think that the HR dept. just pretends to do work and in reality they are not doing anything substantial. I challenge those people to 100 boxes of Ferrero Rocher’s in one hour, decorate Christmas tree and get 1000 employees to participate in secret santa. Do you still think we don’t deserve a pay hike?” he said while making gestures to an HR trainee to cut a strip of cello tape for gift wrapping a box of chocolate.

Others from the dept. too echoed Mr. Almeida’s sentiments saying that if MPs can get a pay hike in spite of not doing anything, why should they be deprived?

“Look at any session of the Parliament. All you see is ruckus, adjournments and walkouts. I mean they are worse than us. Still they demand pay hike. We have been working non-stop since Diwali. At least we should be rewarded for all our efforts,” said Rahul Ranjan, a senior HR manager, as he hurriedly dressed up in his santa costume.