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HR department engaged in a meeting for past 5 hours to decide the best location for 'Diya' in Diwali decorations

29, Sep 2017 By Sandeep Kadian

Mumbai: Entire HR department of PQRST Info-tech has been locked inside the company meeting room for the past 5 hours. As per official sources, there is a serious meeting going on to decide the best possible location for the Diya in the office during Diwali.

Where to place them, HR”s biggest worry over next 2 days!

Decorating office for Diwali is one of the highlights of the year for every HR department and the situation is no different at PQRST. HR manager wants to make sure that the main Diya, the main focus of their decorations along with the Rangoli  is placed at the best possible place. They have covered 25% of the office area during the past 5 hours without successfully identifying that best place and 75% of the area is still under consideration.

The hardworking HR team has not taken a break for tea or lunch either and they ordered Pizza, McDonald’s meals, Starbucks coffee in the conference room only to ensure that they can keep working without any interruptions. The bills for these meals were sent to the accounts department as they didn’t want anyone to waste time in taking out a Wallet.

As per sources, if the meeting concludes without any solution today, the entire department will work through the long weekend. Since the office will be locked, HR head has made a provisional booking at a hotel in Lonavala for the next 3 days so that they can continue this meeting there.

Further, sources have also informed Faking News that next weekend is reserved for a meeting to finalize the colours to be used in the Rangoli.