HR department holds an emergency 5-hour meeting to decide the colour of Soan Papdi box to be given this Diwali

10, Oct 2019 By Santosh Pradhan

Mumbai. Its Diwali time and soon the country will go into the festive mood. Newspapers are filled with offers, and retail shops have big hoardings displaying SALE. It’s that time of the year when HR managers are too busy. Organizing Rangoli competition, choosing gifts for the employees, fixing the soan papdi dealer, and many more tasks.


But a weird thing happened in a Mumbai office where the HR team took 5 hours to decide the color of the box in which Soan Papdi will be given to the employees. The duration of the meeting is justified as last year 2-3 employees had complained about the color of the box. No one has ever complained about the quality of the Soan Papdi as the boxes are always forwarded to other guests and relatives. That’s the thumb rule of Soan papdi.

Every box gets transferred from one person to another. Soan Papdi never stays at the place of the person who is the first owner of it.

Our Team spoke to Shwetank Srivastava, the HR manager of TQS technologies and he said,” We are extremely sensitive when it comes to choosing the best Diwali box for our employees. Last year when 2 employees complained by about the Soan Papdi box, I made it a point that we will look into the issue. The meeting was successful and we have decided not to change the color of the boxes as the dealer has only one color and changing the dealer is a 2-3 year process. “

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