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HR dept announces award for anyone found working after India-Aus match begins

24, Mar 2011 By Pagal Patrakar

Bangalore. In an effort to motivate employees to work even after the world cup quarter final match between India and Australia begins later today at Motera, the Human Resource department of a software services company here has announced a “special award” for any employee found working in the second half of the day.

“We would suitably award the person for choosing the company’s interests over personal pleasures,” Hariharan, the HR manager of Supro Software Services informed. A notice informing the same was put at various places in the office to win over the employees.

“I saw the notice when I went to the washroom,” Krish, a senior developer at the company confirmed. Krish (name changed) later told Faking News that he used his pen to add a line to the bottom of the notice: “Guys, please note, Sehwag is fit and playing today.”

Office cubicles
File photo showing an office during a cricket match

“I am not much into cricket anyways,” Mohan Kumar, a product tester and winner of the last “best employee of the month” said, “But they should have made clear what exactly would be awarded. And I also don’t know why they had written a ‘LOL’ towards the end in the notice near the water dispenser.”

Earlier Supro Software had offered to declare a holiday today if the employees agreed to come for work on the next Sunday, but the proposal was rejected unanimously.

According to HR experts, employee productivity is reduced by 60-80% (a conservative estimate) whenever a cricket match takes place and this challenge remains unresolved for the industry practitioners, who have been struggling to find ways to align their corporate strategy to cricket calendars.

During the 2003 world cup, Supro Software had taken a “proactive approach” and had installed a projector screen in the office to beam the final match between India and Australia, even though it was a Sunday. Unfortunately India lost the match by 125 runs, and the employees were reported to have blamed the “sinister” HR department for bringing bad luck to the team.

“2007 world cup was very good,” Hariharan recalled, “We didn’t have to do much. Let’s see how this one turns out to be; we hope to find a perfect solution by the next world cup.”