Monday, 6th April, 2020


HR employee working from home gives orientation of the society to the new neighbors

18, Mar 2020 By Santosh Pradhan

Mumbai. Any company cannot function without a competent HR team. They are involved with an employee right from the joining to working to the leaving process. In between comes many birthday parties, festival celebrations, orientation ppts, offer letter distribution, sweets distribution, and much more. HR team is the most overworked team of any company.


And that is the reason why Shwetank Jain, an HR employee living in Mumbai was not able to control his instincts. As soon as Shwetank came to know that his neighbors have shifted to his society recently, he went there and offered them an orientation tour which included ppt on rules and regulation of the society, the process of giving the maintenance fees, water supply timings, and festival celebration details. Etc.

Shwetank was too exhausted as the orientation almost took 4-5 hours. But that is how much an honest employee Shwetank is. Work from home or work from the office, Shwetank has always discharged his duties with full honesty and integrity.

As soon as the company officials where Shwetank works came to know about his work from home dedication, there was an appreciation mail sent with all company employees in cc. Shwetank will also get a bonus on his return to the office when things normalize.