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HR forgets to process salary for employees, says was busy preparing Rangoli during Diwali

18, Oct 2017 By Guest Patrakar

Bangalore: Nisha Manuel, an HR-executive with a leading IT firm in Bangalore forgot to process the salaries of the company’s 38,000 employees for the current month. Nisha, as a part of the only task she has, has to intimate the bank to transfer salaries into employee accounts around 18th of every month. The bank then process the same and deposits into salary accounts on 28th.

However this month, the bank sent an email to the Finance Head saying that it will not be processing the salary into employee accounts as Nisha failed to intimate them on time. This mail got leaked and it created a massive rage amongst all the employees of the firm and many of them turned violent.

We contacted Nisha around this major blunder and she said, “Diwali is around the corner and Rangoli is the most important task of an HR, even more than small things like salaries and bonuses. Its like Doctors take oath to save every patient, we HR take an oath to create Rangolis wherever we see an empty space. The employees only care about money and not the values and morals of the HR. Disgusting.”

Many employees got very angry with Nisha’s statement and when we reached out to one of the team-leads, Ashish Kumar, he very angrily told us “Din bhar chai, Solitaire, lunch break pe rehti hai. Mahine mein bas ek kaam karna hota hai aur woh bhi na hua is se !”.

Well, there seems to be clear hatred against the HR in this company but we as citizens need to think, do we sometimes over-emphasize in rituals that we forget the practicality of their impact.