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HR manager delaying appraisals to keep staff motivated for few more days

09, Jun 2017 By Sandeep Kadian

Hyderabad: A Hyderabad based MNC is yet to complete its annual appraisals and the HR manager has a very interesting explanation for the delay. The HR manager of the company says that the appraisals are set to demotivate the staff and will lead to high attrition. Therefore, he is delaying it as much as possible to get some more work out of the employees while they are motivated and hoping for a good appraisal.

Appraisals- Have they disappointed you yet?

“Once we announce the 1% increment that we have decided, we are pretty confident that 50% of the staff will leave and the remaining 50% will start working as efficiently as government employees. We are executing several important projects right now and we can’t afford such demotivated employees. Therefore, I will be making daily excuses for the delay till we complete these projects. Good thing is that we in HR have made such a great reputation of not working that nobody doubts my lies. They all think that we are not working as usual”, the HR manager told Faking News on the condition of keeping his and the company’s name anonymous.

Further, he said ,”Another thing is that several engineers are also helping me with the planning for my daughter’s wedding. We are totally relaxed as they have taken care of banquet hall, catering, DJ, flowers, gifts, everything. Now if I tell them that we have given them 1% hike, forget arrangements, someone will run away with my daughter. Waise bhi sab engineers bachelors hi hain.

When we asked why don’t they give a better salary hike when they know employees will be disappointed with a 1% hike, he said ,”Oh yaar, no matter what amount we give, they will be disappointed anyway. Therefore, we want their disappointment to cost as little as possible.”