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HR manager denies leave application by saying, if PM can work without a leave, so can you

15, Oct 2016 By dasu

Bengaluru: Smitha P, working for the HR team of a reputed IT firm in Bengaluru was in tears when her manager cancelled her leave application.

HR manager

While speaking to us on the condition of anonymity Smitha said, “I did not ask for moon. All I asked for is 2 days leave this week. As you know, with three consecutive days holidays this week because of Ayudh Pooja, Dussehra and Moharrum, by taking remaining two days off, I would have joined office next Monday, fresh and rejuvenated. Khadoos saala, he rejected my leave application showing me a report which says PM Modi is working for so long without any breaks and you are busy in combining weekends.”

Smitha added, “I told him, boss, still more than 2 weeks are there for Diwali and I will work from home to make sure all the materials for Diwali celebration are ready in advance. This Modi Bhakt was not at all ready to listen to me. He said, our HR team has become butt of everyone’s joke in the organization, he wants to change that. When full company only dreams for decent work-life balance, in contrast our HR team maintains ultra-healthy vacation-attendance ratio.”

“Why he gave example of PM’s work load to me? In last two years, PM has made more than fifty foreign trips, where he has sent me? PM can say his mann ki baat every month on radio. No such luxury for us, in contrast we have to sit down and capture the mann ki baat these techies will say during their exit interviews,” said Smitha

Smitha said, “On top of it, he has told me, no more than four hours I can spend during lunch time in cafeteria. If someone tries to reach me five times, I should disconnect my private conversation in the middle and call back to attend to his or her query. During Christmas and new year celebration, he wants our HR team to be innovative and arrange some cool games. When these heavily drunk techies would be rolling on the floor, what games can be arranged for them.”

“After becoming manager, he wants to show his bossy attitude. Kuch saal pehle he would have been a HR team member only; I want to see his old attendance record. Now don’t tell me, then HR team was different than today’s HR team,” said Smitha