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HR manager taken to task for not organizing ethnic day on 14th august 

14, Aug 2018 By @jurnoleast

HR manager at an IT company had to face music from seniors for not organizing ethic day in the company on the eve of Independence Day. As per the unwritten norm, HR executives  are expected to plan the dress code and canteen menu for I-Day.

However Neha Jain, a mid level executive was busy with other trivial stuff like on-boarding of new joinees while I-Day was fast approaching. This enraged her bosses who sought an explanation and shot off a strongly worded mail accusing her of neglecting her duties. “Decorating the office is the primary responsibility of an HR employee. And for an event like I-Day it is even more important that Human Resources Dept. make their presence felt with various activities. But what Neha has done is clearly not what the company expects from a good HR executive. This will definitely reflect on her appraisal ratings,” said the HR head of the company.

Apparently, this dereliction has resulted in the rating of the company to fall 10 places in the Best Places to Work Survey.

Many employees too were unhappy with ‘no ethnic day being celebrated in the company. “I had bought a kurta online hoping to wear it on 14th but thanks to our HR, that will have to shelved now,” said Abhijit Bhattacharya, a techie from the company who is now planning to wear ‘You Had One Job’ quote T-shirt in protest.

Taking cognizance of the matter the CEO has instructed that the entire HR staff be sent for a skills upgradation workshop that will include hands on knowledge about office decoration, rangoli designs, canteen menu and such other productive activities.