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HR manager gives on the spot offer letter for an HR vacancy to clerk in SBI Bank who said 'Lunch ke baad aao'

16, Jul 2018 By Santosh Pradhan

HR managers are always in search of possible employment candidates and they try to observe the behavior of each and every person they meet. They are so dedicated to the cause of finding good employees for the organization that they do their job even after the office hours. Shwetank Srivastava is one such dedicated HR manager. Shwetank who was looking for a Assistant manager-HR visited a SBI branch yesterday for some personal work. Though he does all his personal work during the office hours, this time for a change he did it in a SBI branch in Mumbai.


After reaching the branch, Shwetank happened to meet a clerk to ask him about the cash deposit counter and the reply he got left him thrilled and happy. Yes, the clerk replied ‘luch ke baad aao’, and rest as they say is history. This was the ultimate criteria Shwetank was looking inside a person who could fit the role of an assistant manager-HR. He had interviewed 100s of candidates but none even came close to this criteria. Some were good at making Rangolis, some good at procrastinating work and some even good at hanging up on employee queries, but no one was more fit to the role than the SBI clerk. Sometimes talent is hidden at secret  of places. Shwetank wasted no time in bringing out the offer letter he was carrying for days and handed it over to the clerk. Salary was not an issue as Shwetank was willing to offer anything the clerk asked for.

The story has picked up and HR managers across the nation are lining up outside SBI branches to look for prospective employees. The clerks have realized their importance and have increased their salary expectations. The only entity facing a problem due to the happening is SBI, which as a desperate measure has increased the lunch time for employees by almost 200 %.