HR Manager wins Corporate Talent Hunt for her exceptional decoration skills

30, Aug 2018 By @jurnoleast

For the 5th time in a row the first prize for Corporate Talent Hunt at Infosil Technologies went to the HR department. Surekha Nair, Senior HR Manager in the company, aced the contest with her decoration skills.

“It wasn’t even a contest, the judge’s decision for the first place was unanimous. The rest were actually fighting for the second place,” said the host for the talent hunt.

Surekha used her 3 years of Christmas and Diwali decoration experience to wow the judges. Armed with decoration lights and colored powder for rangoli, Surekha used every inch of the office as her canvas to create a stunning display of lights and colors.

Many feel her victory underscored HR’s domination over the corporate talent hunt scene. “It is a tight slap to all those who feel that HR dept. is of little significance. Now they will realize that we good if not better than the rest,” said VP Human Resources.

The results however did not go down well with other participants who felt that Surekha clearly had an upper hand and judges overlooked efforts put in by other participants.

Few even said that something that is part of your KRA should not be considered as ‘talent’ for the contest. “I do coding everyday. Can I show it as my talent?” questioned one angry employee.

Sadly for the other participants the grievance redressal cell comes under HR, which means there wont be any re-evaluation of the results.