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HR meeting ends in fisticuffs over placement of lights for Christmas decoration

24, Dec 2019 By @jurnoleast

A meeting between HR manager in an IT company ended in employees coming to blows after none of them could agree over Christmas decoration to be done at the workplace.

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Around 10 employees from the overstaffed Human Resources department of the company in Bengaluru, assembled to discuss the placement of lights and the Christmas tree. Insiders say that things started off on the wrong footing as the meeting started post lunch.

“Most of them grumbled about the timing and were half sleepy. That problem was compounded by the fact that the manager who called the meeting did not order pizza. An argument over placement of fancy lights quickly snowballed into a bare knuckle boxing match between two female HR staff members,” revealed an eyewitness.

“Others too joined in and the scenes could easily mimic a WWE match,” he added.

A sales manager who was passing by the meeting and unfortunately became a victim of the brawl, spoke to our reporter and said, “When I heard that the meeting room was booked for HR meeting I laughed and just out of curiosity went to have a look. But

In an internal memo, the top management has reprimanded the entire dept. — You have only one job of decorating the office on festive occasions and that too ends in a brawl. Please explain why action shouldn’t be taken against you — read an email from the CEO addressed to the HR staff.

A video of the fight also went viral on social media. Netizens felt that the could serve the country better by participating in professional boxing contests. Olympic medalist Mary Kom too commented on the video and offered to train the women employees for free.