HR not happy with employee who wore the same kurta on Ethnic Day this year which he had also worn the previous year

14, Aug 2019 By @jurnoleast

Ethnic Day celebrations at an IT company in Bengaluru didn’t go too well for a Senior Developer in the company who had to face the wrath of HR dept. for repeating his outfit.

nawaz kurta

All employees of the company received a mail informing them of Ethnic Day celebrations on the 14th of August. While most of them were dressed in their ethnic best, the HR found one to be an eyesore.

The employee was taken to task for repeating the same kurta for the last two years. Not just that, further investigation revealed that the kurta was unwashed too. Stains from previous years ‘I-Day Special Lunch’ could be seen on the kurta.

Speaking to Faking News, the HR Head of the company said, “We take lot of pride in organizing events at workplace. In fact we have been planning Ethnic Day for months now. So many presentations were given to senior management and not to mention manhours in planning the event. And if an employee tries to ruin it by wearing the same outfit, then that needs to be called out.”

After the news made it to mainstream media, share price of the company plummeted. One market analyst that our reporter spoke to said, “It’s not just the Balance Sheet of a company that investors look at. What an employee wears is like a soft cue that prospective investors look for. A company can window dress its financial health, but an employees kurta reveals it all.

“It clearly shows that these employees are not paid enough so that they can afford new kurta. This is a good indication that the company itself it in the red,” he added.

In his defense, the employee said that he has been working in the IT industry for the last 3 years and his salary has remained pretty much the same as what he had started out with.