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HR person who hasn’t gone to office for months, goes one day without realizing its Sunday

26, Nov 2017 By dasu

Bengaluru: Prakash Hegde working in HR department of a top MNC in Bengaluru went to office for a change without realizing its Sunday. Capture

“I did not realize it’s Sunday till I entered office. The boy sitting at the reception was watching something interesting on his desktop. He was literally shell shocked when he saw me “, said Prakash who could not exactly recollect when was the last time he swiped his card at the office entrance.

“As I entered, found no one inside office. It was full dark. When asked my reception person to switch on the light, he asked me Sir, how come you are here on a Sunday”, said Prakash.

“I was saying to myself, Oh Shit! What have I done. It’s probably due to my hangover after a birthday party I attended for one of my close friend”, said Prakash

Prakash explained us how he is able to maintain a healthy vacation-attendance balance in his job life. “Ghar se sab kuch manage ho jaata hai. There was no compulsion for me to go to office every day. Earlier I used to go sometimes, then work from home. Looking at the stinking water in the small aquarium I have kept at my desk, lagta hai Iss baar break thoda jyaada hi ho gaya hai”, said Prakash.

When we asked how was his day at office. He said, “First I thought, let me go back as coffee machines were not working and there was no one except the poor reception guy to chat with. But I had already told the reception guy, thoda kaam hai when entered office. What he will think if I leave so quickly. So, managed to keep myself busy for couple of hours inside office before I left for the day”.

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