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HR person sends email "working from home", company boss ask him not to share jokes on official emails

06, Nov 2016 By dasu

Bengaluru: A simple two-line email with subject line “working from home” has gone viral among the IT circles of Bengaluru. Initially, Faking News could not figure out what was so funny with such a common email till we came to know it was sent by an HR person.

work from home
Working from home- not for the HR

Afterwards, we did a little investigation to find out the source of the email. It came from someone called Preetham (name changed on request) working for a reputed IT firm in Bengaluru.

Bhaskar P, HR manager, who spoke to us on the condition of anonymity, said, “Preetham joined my team recently. From day one, it looked to me he is not HR material. When I told him, you can go home by lunch time. He asked me why, the HR policy specifies eight and half hours minimum, so he told me he will go by the 5:30 PM cab.”

“Whenever he would not find me, he would call me on my cell phone. Most of the questions would be like when you will plan training for me, give me some work, I am getting bored.I am working here for last eight years, still I am waiting for some real work, here is an impatient youngster who is bored without work in eight days. On top of it he will ask for a mentor. My other team members will be back in January only after Makar Sankranti, from where I would find a mentor for him and for what?” said Bhaskar with an angry tone.

“All these were ok, the big mistake he did was without asking me he sent out an email to all employees, that he would be working from home for two days. On top of it, he shared his mobile number asking employees to reach him in case they need him. It seemed like full company was waiting for this, they just pounced on it and made it viral.”

“Looking at the wrong publicity our company has got, our CEO called me to his cubicle and gave me an earful. He asked me make sure everyone in my team including new members like Preetham are aware that sharing jokes like this using company email alias will not be tolerated henceforth”, said a nervous looking Bhaskar.

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