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HRD ministry to introduce Game of Thrones as engineering subject to boost attendance in class

30, Jun 2016 By Beer & Biryani

New Delhi: The Ministry of Human Resource Development has decided to capitalize on the popularity of HBO show Game of Thrones to increase attendance in engineering colleges. Game Of Thrones will be introduced as a compulsory subject in the first year of all engineering branches.

The new engineering subject

Speaking to Faking News, an HRD ministry representative said, “Attendance for non-technical subjects in engineering has been like number of Pakistan’s World Cup wins over India, zero. It was about time we made some effective decisions to get those students out of their hostel rooms and into class rooms. With Game of Thrones as a subject, the professors can now get the feel of teaching a class full of students, and not just the walls.”

“Non-technical subjects don’t interest any engineering student and they take it as a burden. However, now we will give them a subject that they like and it will be as irrelevant to their engineering as the other subjects they study right now”, the representative said.

However, there is a twist in the tail that everyone needs to be aware of. The HRD ministry representative explained this further as he said, “Circulars have been emailed to all the universities across the country to ensure that the passing marks in GoT subjects should be 95. Further, putting some fancy FB statuses after googling ‘Top 10 GoT statuses’ or posting some dialogues from recently concluded episodes will not be given any additional weightage for the final exam. So, one has to pass through hard work like it happens with other subjects.”

As per our sources, S1E2 and S3E4 will be the syllabus for the first internal ever on “Game of Thrones” subject. Book traders from across the country have started printing the abridged version of GoT as guides and kunjis.