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Human beings are most productive, talented and charming self in their dreams: Research

15, Jan 2015 By idiot420

New Delhi. If a research paper published in a leading psychology journal is to be believed, humans beings are most productive, efficient, talented and charming self in their dreams, irrespective of whether they are daydreaming or dreaming while sleeping.

The report is based on an extensive survey conducted on thousands of people, where most of them claimed that they did many amazing things in their dreams. Things that they were no way capable of doing in their real lives.

Yes, you are the best, in your dreams.

The published research mentions story of 90 kg heavy Manas, who in his dream managed to save himself from 13 leopards who were chasing him in a jungle. “I was running even faster than Usain Bolt, and at the same time was so surprised that in disbelief I woke up,” read the report quoting Manas.

Lead researcher Anoop Chatterjee says, he even met an engineering student in Bangalore who claims to have made a girlfriend in his dreams.

“That guy Arpit, whom I met in Bangalore, who in reality is very terrified of even talking to girls, not only proposed a girl in his dreams in the possibly most romantic way but also danced with her on a Bollywood track while roaming in a garden,” Dr. Chatterjee explained the power of dreams adding that dreams bring the best out of people, “In some cases people don’t even recognize themselves in their dreams.”

Dr. Chatterjee thinks that his research report is going to change the way humans live their lives.

“It would be better if all of us start dreaming 24X7, I guess most of us would be happy then,” Anoop Chatterjee added further, “Except waking up whenever you have a nightmare.”

Meanwhile corporate India is giving this report a very serious thought, and many companies are even trying to capitalize on this finding.

“It would be really interesting to see the results if I somehow am able to make my employees work in their dreams. For me, it would be like my employees are living their own resumes,” hoped CEO of a mid-sized IT company who believes that if the published report is true, then staffs of his company must be possessing all the skills that they mention in the resumes, at least in their dreams.