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After 'Being Human e-Bicycles' to tackle pollution, Salman to launch Being Human Trees

06, Jun 2017 By @jurnoleast

Actor Salman Khan, who launched Being Human e-Bicycles on World Environment day, has gone further with his love for living things and is planning to launch Being Human Trees.

While speaking to Faking News a source close to the development said, “Bhai is truly a pioneer. This is the first time someone will launch branded plants anywhere in the world. Celebrities across the world have done their own bit for the environment but this is something out -of-the-box.”

At a function attended by b-town celebs and prmoinent judges from High Court, the first Being Human Tree was launched by Salman on the road just outside his house Galaxy apartment.

The Bollywood actor will plant 200 Being Human Trees across the city. A team from Being Human is already scouting for locations across the city. “Initially we thought of planting them on footpaths. But Salman was specific that he didn’t want to do anything with footpaths. So we will be planting the trees on roads which have already been dug up by BMC,” said a volunteer for the foundation.

Responding to rumors that this was just another publicity attempt to promote Tubelight, a spokesperson for the actor refuted and said, “If Bhai had to promote the movie he would have got into some controversy, not plant trees.”

Bollywood celebs welcomed the move and said more such initiative should be undertaken to promote environment friendliness. Sohail Khan however found it hard to understand the concept of Being Human Trees. “Ye Being Human Tree kya hota hai. Jo Human hai woh Tree kaise ho sakta hai. Mere kuch samajh me nahi aa raha hai. Bhai ko bola tha school me science ki class bunk mat karna. Ab humans aur trees me farak nahi kar pa rahe hain ,” said Sohail, clearly not on the same page as his brother as far as branding of trees is concerned.