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Human rights activists demand a caption, 'No humans will be harmed while viewing the movie' declaration with new releases

08, Mar 2017 By RT

Mumbai. A group of human rights activists were demonstrating today, in the streets of Mumbai demanding a caption to be added prior to screening of certain movies in India. The caption they say will read ‘No humans will be harmed while viewing the movie’.


Speaking to Faking News, one of the activist said, “The quality of the movies coming nowadays are sure to harm humans within 15 minutes into the feature presentation. It is ironic that many movies have no feature whatsoever to present. We demand the censor board to issue a certificate against every movie – No humans will be harmed while viewing the movie, to make us feel safe.”

“There are several ways by which a movie can harm a viewer. First and foremost is the high cost and utter low quality entertainment. In recent past, a movie was so badly made that rs.500 has been awarded for everyone unfortunate enough to watch the movie. The funds came straight from the prime minister’s national relief fund,” the activist further added.

“There are movies which are supposed to be romantic comedies with no romance and no comedy in it. Only the two hopeless romantics will giggle at each other, irritating the viewer for two and a half hours. Then, there are thrillers which are comical and comedies which are tragedies and so on. Some movies are so loud that a few viewers become deaf, immediately after an hour and some cause visual and speech impediments to the viewers,” the activist spoke like someone who seen all the recent movies in the past 2 years.

The activist also reported of pet animals that were harmed watching movies at home. With that cue, the reporter left wondering if the caption has to be a singular declaration, covering all – ‘No animals and humans were harmed while making the movie and will not be harmed while watching, believe it or not!’