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Hundreds of Delhiites hospitalized as severe pleasant weather grips Delhi for a day

30, May 2016 By Ajayendar Reddy

New Delhi: The intense pleasant weather that gripped Delhi yesterday resulted in the hospitalization of 100s of residents in Indian capital. Temperatures have fallen to low 20s after it rained yesterday and many residents struggled to cope with it.

Delhi climate
Don’t step out of your home in such weather!

Local administration had issued an advisory telling people to stay indoors and switch on room heaters but just like most government advisories, Delhi residents ignored it and decided to enjoy the pleasant weather. This has led to a severe health crisis with hospitals full of people falling ill after experiencing the nice weather.

Local authorities have enforced unprecedented restrictions, such as banning long drives and couples strolling hand-in-hand as well as shutting down the booze outlets to prevent any uninformed unsuspecting Delhiites from even trying to have a good time on such a day.

Speaking to Faking News, a local resident said, “This disgusting pleasant weather is unprecedented and hit us without warning. As you know, we Delhiites are always blessed with extreme weather conditions, like severe cold or severe heat or loo or hailstorms or dusty winds or crippling rains and we are absolutely happy with that. We just weren’t prepared to cope with what happened yesterday.”

The matter has sparked a political controversy as well with AAP Government blaming the centre government for the prevailing weather. BJP responded by saying that the local AAP government must take the blame for this as weather is not a centre subject.

In what may come as a relief, Delhi is expected to get some respite from the severe pleasant wave as the MeT department has predicted the return of intense heat wave over the next two days.