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Husband takes wife to a doctor after she buys the first pair of shoes shown by shopkeeper

30, Jul 2018 By dasu

Bengaluru: Abhishek Sharma & his wife Sujata like other couples in IT city do their mandatory weekend trips to malls, movie, restaurant. 

One day, a shop assistant at the shoe section of a mall told Abhishek to take Sujata to a good doctor as she is kind of weird. The weirdness was, she selected the first pair of shoes the person showed her.

“Sir, if I show two hundred pairs and it is a lucky day for me, one pair might get sold. Here she selected the first one I showed. Most of the people come here to click selfies, who comes here seriously to buy something”, said the shoe section shop assistant.

Aisse toh mera job chala jayega, if every customer buys like this, why the shop owner would keep me here,” said a shop assistant at the saree section whose Linked in profile says he can arrange ten sarees in five minutes.

Abhishek echoed the sentiments of the staff at the mall. “I am not so lucky as Sujata does not take much time to shop. She will try the first dress and take it. When other’s husband and boyfriends stood for hours carrying dozen dresses looking at good looking girls around, I am the one who will return from malls in minutes”, he said.

“Going through so much traffic, just to catch a movie of Akshay Kumar or some Superman, I am fed up also. I want to show how loving and caring husband I am, uske liya thoda time toh spend karna chahiye”, said Ashutosh who was checking online if there are some good doctors who addresses such problems.

“Better you check in Quora someone might have already answered what is the cure for such problems,” said one of the close buddy of Abhishek to him.