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Husband tells his pregnant wife to read IIT books; says it would enable kid to start IIT preparations inside the womb

01, Nov 2017 By Akash Vadera

It is a common practice for Indian parents to encourage their kids to study and prepare for IIT. 4 out of 5 Indian households dream of sending their kids to IITs and IIMS.

However, Kota-based K.C. Verma is so obsessed with sending his kid to IIT that he has started making his 4-month pregnant wife read IIT books. He believes this would help his unborn kid to start preparing for IIT right inside the womb.

We interviewed K.C. Verma, who is a professor at a famous coaching class in Kota and here’s what he had to say, “Is this how you hold the camera? Haven’t you learned angles and trigonometry in school? Tilt the camera to the right by 5 degrees so that my face is at the centre of the camera and my nose coincides with the intersection of two diagonals in the frame.”

After finding and rectifying the flaws in our setup for 30 minutes, we finally moved ahead with the interview. “I am from IIT Kharagpur. My dad made me study for IIT right when I was just 12 years old. And his dad made him study when he was 14. It is a tradition in our house. We start preparing kids for IIT as soon as possible so that they crack the exam. However, last year my nephew was in the EML (Extended Merit List). It is like the waiting list for IRCTC. The difference is that even a waiting number 340 has a chance of getting a seat but an EML 10 doesn’t. Ever since he didn’t get into IIT, all of us Verma dads, all 5 of us brothers, have started giving him the cold treatment. This is the motivation he needs to get into IIT next year. After the unfortunate incident with my nephew, I didn’t want my kid to suffer the same fate. So I didn’t want to take any chances. This is the reason I have started making my wife reading IIT books,” he said.

We also got a chance to interview his wife, Mrs. Sulochana Verma, and here’s what she had to say. “I am 4-month pregnant now. Ever since he got to know that I am pregnant, he started making schedules to make our kid prepare for IIT. Last week, he brought IIT books and told me to start reading them. He makes me read those 2 hours every day. Before eating, he asks me chemistry questions. Before sleeping, he asks me to calculate the number of hours left before waking up. The other day, he told me to calculate the ideal RPM required to get a mileage of 18 KMPL for our car driving at 60 KMPH. I got out of the car and took an auto. Even though it’s turning a bit hectic for me, my being M.Sc. post-graduate is helping me,” she added.

We wish the Vermas all the best for the birth of their child and sincerely hope that Verma ji’s kid makes it to IIT. We had to end the interview because he started asking Physics questions to the crew.