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IAS and CAT aspirants go on strike against the frequent cabinet reshuffle

11, Jul 2016 By arushdixit

New Delhi: In light of recent cabinet reshuffle of the Modi government, a certain faction of IAS and CAT aspirants have gone on an indefinite strike.

Students protesting against cabinet reshuffle
Students protesting against cabinet reshuffle

Sources say that CAT and IAS aspirants are disgruntled with the frequent reshuffling which makes their task of memorizing names more difficult.

Kumar Anand Jha, President of AACAR (Aspirants against Cabinet Reshuffle) on conditions of anonymity said, “We spend so much time in remembering the names of the ministers and the respective portfolios for our exams and then all of sudden the ministers gets changed. I mean we already have our hands full memorizing the countries our PM vsits.”

Pinki Singh (Instagram: MaNamZPinKi92), General Secretary of AACAR on conditions of anonymity added, “This government has completely failed us and expanded the cabinet size to 78, making it impossible for us to stay updated for our exams.”

Jha highlighted the demands of AACAR for the strike to end: 1. Not more than 1 cabinet reshuffle in an year and this has to be done in exam off-season (1st March- 8th March, 12th August- 17th August) 2. AACAR has to be informed at least 3 weeks prior to the reshuffle so that candidates are already updated at the time of announcement 3. No replacement of ministries as it makes things confusing for the aspirants

Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal was expected to meet AACAR today with his proposed list of Delhi cabinet changes; however Pinki declined saying, “We are talking about serious issues and examinations here and want to be focused.”