ICC assures Indians that their team is also a part of the World Cup

04, Jun 2019 By Sandeep Kadian

London: Cricket World Cup 2019 is well and truly on with all the sides having featured in the tournament already, half of them twice. However, one team is yet to make an appearance, 2 times World Champions India. This gave birth to concerns among some Indian fans about the participation of Team India in the World Cup but now ICC has assured those fans that India is also a part of the World Cup.

world_captainsIndian fans were starting to wonder that the Indian team has been called up to England only to practice in the nets and for Ravi Shastri to sample various Scotch whiskies in Great Britain. Teams like South Africa, Pakistan, England, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka playing 2 matches before they could see India had increased their suspicions but now the ICC announcement has brought them some relief.

Not everyone is convinced with the ICC assurance though with quite a few fans calling it a cover-up. As per them, incompetent ICC simply forgot to schedule Indian matches and is now coming up with excuses when questioned about it.

When we pointed to the World Cup schedule poses online showing Indian participation, these fans dismissed it as fake news.

Meanwhile, some fans are really happy about Indian absence from the tournament so far, claiming that India is boycotting the World Cup over Pakistan’s participation in the aftermath of Pulwama terror attack.

In other news from Indian Cricket, unconfirmed reports say that Ambati Rayudu has ordered a voodoo doll of Vijay Shankar from Amazon.