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ICC not happy with team India sporting army cut, asks players to grow their hair back before next match

21, Jun 2019 By @jurnoleast

It was the insignia on Dhonis glove that irked the ICC and now it’s the players hair cut that has the cricketing body issuing yet another warning. Yesterday team India was seen sporting a new hair cut courtsey hair stylist Aalim Hakim.

army cut

ICC has now asked all the players to grow their hair back before the next game or face action. Though it is not clear yet what action ICC may take but sources say it could affect the players psyche.

Pak team took strong objection and accused India of war  mongering. “The India-Pak match is over now but still team India is in a perpetiual ‘surgical strike mode’.

MS Dhoni has washed his hands off the controversy and said that since he’d be wearing the helmet for entire duration of the match, his haircut shouldn’t be a problem for anyone. Other players like Hardik Pandya and Chahal were left in a quandary.

Hardik seemed in no mood to mess around his new hair cut. “I spend half of my earning on my hair and tatoos. And you know how Even if ICC agrees to reimburse, I am playing with my hair anymore.” he said.

Sources say that players approached team coach Ravi Shahstri for help and are now hoping that there would be a resolution. However Shastri was busy sampling spirits at breweries across UK and making the most of his time.

For the moment the team management is looking at options to tide over the situation. “Players wearing wigs for the next match could be one solution. We are also considering having a horror movie screened so that the ‘hair raising’ experience could make it look like their hair have grown and thus convince ICC