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If everyone starts following their passion, no engineers in next 10 years: Report

02, Jan 2014 By idiot420

New Delhi. A report published by a leading magazine ‘HR Baba’ fears extinction of engineer community from India, in case everyone starts following their passion.

The magazine conducted a survey among 10000 engineering professionals where the respondents were asked about their passion. The outcome of the survey divulged a disastrous trend; as much as 98% of the engineers wanted to become anything but engineers.

While most of them expressed desire of being a photographer, writer, actor, singer, wanderer, etc., some of extremely frustrated ones even wanted to become baba and porn stars.

3 idiots
Experts blame movies like ‘3 Idiots’ where an engineering student following his true passion was shown as winning a girlfriend.

“If left free to follow their passion, they will flood the so-called creative field. If not SRK, they will become KRK. If not Atul Kasbekar, they will become a local marriage photographer; but they will not remain in engineering field,” said editor of HR Baba, “Such is the level of angst among engineers against their job.”

Report warns India to gear up for an engineer-less society in next 10 years, if every engineer starts listening to his/her heart. Countless number of Facebook photography pages is one of the possible side effects on social media.

“Too much motivation is not that good, especially for the society. If everyone becomes a photographer and traveler, who will write code and build roads? What’s the use of lakhs of professional photographers? They will keep clicking each other’s photo as everybody will be carrying their own DSLR,” said famous sociologist Samaaj Prasad, explaining the negative impact of the hypothetical situation where everyone is following their own heart.

“Sometime it’s good to not follow your passion, it helps in preventing social crisis. People who feel they are not following their passion, should be proud of themselves,” he added.

However, some are willing to allow the engineers to follow their heart. “Once they will take up the profession they want so badly, they will get bored of it. Finally, they will feel attraction for engineering and will pursue it as a passion,” predicted an expert.

Meanwhile the startling revelation has sent shock waves across the IT industry, Dowry industry, and ‘Parents boasting of their child’s salary’ industry.