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IIM Ahmedabad student writes his own draft of Lokpal bill

24, Aug 2011 By Pagal Patrakar

Ahmedabad. Convinced that he was studying at the best management institute in India and that he had acquired all the necessary skills to solve all the problems of the world, a second year MBA student at IIM here has released his own Lokpal bill draft, which he claims would root out 86.93% corruption from the country. 25-year-old Mukesh Khanna released the draft in shape of a Facebook note, which is slowly getting mass support from fellow MBAs.

“Everyone was joining the debate and coming up with their own Lokpal bill. It was no longer a fight between the government and Anna. I heard a dalit group was coming up with Bahujan Lokpal bill. I felt an urgent need to come up with my own draft before Suhel Seth or Pritish Nandy come up with their own versions of Lokpal bill,” Mukesh explained his motives.

Chetan Bhagat
Chetan Bhagat, an IIM Ahmedabad alumnus, was earlier rumored to be writing his own Lokpal bill, but the best-selling author chose to support the Jan Lokpal bill.

Mukesh claims to have devoted two “night outs” to prepare his Lokpal draft, which is based on the best practices followed in the management world.

“Any aggrieved citizen can submit a PowerPoint presentation to the office of Lokpal with details of his complaint against a government official,” Mukesh explained the simple process of his own Lokpal, “If he has details of any financial irregularity, he can as well submit an Excel sheet and an inquiry against the concerned official can be initiated.”

Mukesh has proposed that Lokpal’s post should be called CEO (Corruption Eliminating Officer) and CEO’s salary should have a substantial variable component that should depend upon the amount of money he would save from going to corrupt official’s pockets.

“Not only I am freeing the government exchequer from extra burden that will arise out of establishment of Lokpal’s office, I am linking the pay (government expenses) to performance that is completely lacking in the other drafts of the Lokpal bills,” Mukesh claimed why his draft was the best, at least in Asia-Pacific.

At least 50 different MBAs have been tagged in Mukesh’s Lokpal draft Facebook note, which had gathered 231 ‘likes’ till reports last came in. Mukesh is planning to approach the government with his draft if he successfully gets at least 10000 likes, which he believes is enough to bring this government on its knees in the current scheme of things.

Mukesh refused to comment when asked if he had appropriated the right of Chetan Bhagat, an IIM Ahmedabad alumnus, to offer solutions to contentions problems.