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IIN students develops a mobile court called Idea Court of Justice

27, Mar 2015 By manithan

Mumbai: IIN students have developed a mobile court. This is not the court that goes from one place to another, but a court that functions via mobile phones.

Students claiming to be from a real institute called IIN have claimed that they invented a court that can be facilitated via mobile phones. They have named the system as “Idea Court of Justice”.

Idea of India Network jab lagawing India ko Full Ulloo banawing Full Ulloo banawing
Idea of India Network jab lagawing India ko Full Ulloo banawing Full Ulloo banawing

Speaking to Faking News, Adarsh Bhatt, the person who got the idea and led the team of three, said, “We all know how much costly are the lawsuits in India. One spends whole of his lifetime and all his earnings for a single lawsuit. He has to walk to the court and climb all its steps to all doors to end his case. Sometimes, the person dies without hearing the verdict. To solve all these problems, I got an idea and I implemented it along with my two friends.”

He gave a demo of the Idea Court of Justice and continued, “A person should file his case via our mobile app. Based on some parameters, our app will assign the case to high profile lawyer or lazy lawyer. Then, based on same formula, the case will be taken for hearing by Supreme Court or High Courts or by district bench. Depending on the importance of case, the verdict or bail will be given in matter of seconds. But our mobile app works only based on the internal algorithm.”

When we asked about the algorithm, he said, in a low tone, “This app works only for people who hate BJP or at least hate Modi. Extra chances of success, if the person is a liberal, secular, socialist, communist or intellectual. We had already piloted our app few weeks back, when Teesta Setalvad case went for hearing in Supreme Court. Teesta and Supreme Court used our Idea Court of Justice and delivered the judgment within a matter of minutes. Since Teesta fulfilled all criteria, her success parameter was too high that she got the top lawyer and top court.”

Before we left, we took a glance at the visiting card given by the IIN team. They were not from Idea Internet Network, but they are from institution called Idea of India Network.