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IIPM derecognizes UGC, starts Privy League of universities

24, Aug 2010 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. A day after University Grants Commission (UGC) issued public notices in all leading newspapers of India clarifying that IIPM did not have the rights of conferring or granting degrees, IIPM has come up with full page advertisements in all kinds of papers declaring that UGC didn’t have the rights to award recognition to any university.

Deeply hurt by UGC’s uncharitable act, IIPM has further decided to rebel and form a private league of universities, which would be known as the Privy League, and would aim at becoming the Ivy League of India.

“Dare to think beyond the UGC!” declared Professor Arindam Chaudhuri , the Honorary Dean of IIPM, who is also well known as a noted economist, a maverick management guru, an eminent author, an authoritative speaker, a transformational leader, a film producer, an SRK employer, and a generous advertiser.

Addressing a press conference, Prof. Chaudhuri invited all other like-minded institutions to join his Privy League and give a befitting reply to the UGC. He also announced that he’d be taking over all the universities that are listed as ‘fake universities’ on the UGC’s website and convert them into local campuses of IIPM.

Shahrukh Khan at IIPM
King of Bollywood Shah Rukh Khan is reportedly being roped in for promotions of Privy League

“I appeal to the management and owners of Lovely Professional University and Amity University to join me. It would be a dream start to our Privy League.” Prof. Chaudhuri solicited the support of other two leading advertising universities, but was immediately turned away by both of them.

But the owners of the universities listed as fake by UGC have welcomed the step by Pof. Chaudhuri and have expressed earnest desire to sell off their institutions at the earliest and fulfill their original dream of encashing their endeavors.

“Finally I will discover the diamond in me.” hoped Baba Bengali, the Founder-Dean-Director-Owner-Professor of the Indian Institute of Alternative Medicine, Kolkatta.

Market experts believe that given the kind of PR and advertising power Professor Arindam Chaudhuri enjoys, it would not be difficult for him to ensure the success of Privy League.

“If you notice, it’s just PR added to the name Ivy League.” pointed out a Public Relations expert on conditions of anonymity, further revealing that no news coverage by any media organization had taken place even though more than 36 hours had passed since UGC’s public notice appeared in the national newspapers.